In recent years, the rules of air travel have changed significantly. Safety is the number one priority in air travel, and this applies not only to the technical part of the aircraft. In principle, any passenger can pose a danger during the flight. It is therefore important to be aware of the security checks at the airport of departure in advance of the trip – regardless of whether you are departing from Munich airport, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf or another airport.

Familiarize yourself with the air traffic rules that apply at the security checkpoints at Munich, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, etc. airports. Airport only have one checkpoint in mind. But in reality there are three!

The three security checkpoints

1.) They go to the counter to pick up their boarding pass. Now they must also check in their luggage and present their appropriate identification documents (passport, visa). Both carry-on luggage and luggage stowed in the hold must be checked for prohibited items. They may even be subject to an extended search.

2.) After that, they will have to undergo one of the most important security checks during their flight at Düsseldorf Airport or at another departure point: Their hand luggage will be scanned by an X-ray machine and they will have to pass through a metal detector. Before that, you have to remove all metal objects (belt buckles, chains on your handbag, etc.) so that you can pass this checkpoint. Empty your pockets (coins, cell phone, etc.) and throw away your bottles of liquid. Please bring only one piece of hand luggage to the checkpoint! Also your overclothing e.g. jacket or jacket will be x-rayed. Familiarize yourself with all the things and objects that are prohibited at the airport and on the plane before you start your journey. In this way, time-consuming incidents can be prevented.

3.) As soon as they have passed this checkpoint, they must show their ID card with the corresponding boarding pass when entering the flight terminal. Only then will they be given permission to board the plane. If you do not attract unwanted attention at the security checkpoints and remain calm, you will be able to board your aircraft without any problems.

Fast lanes at the security checkpoints – the fast ways to the departure gate

If you want to save time and nerves, you should go to the security checkpoint at Frankfurt Airport via the fast lane, for example. You may use this fast lane to the departure gate if time is tight and your flight is displayed on the fast lane display boards at the checkpoints. They will find these fast lanes wherever passengers transfer from non-Schengen to Schengen and vice versa.

Where can I find the security checkpoint at the airport?

At most airports, security checkpoints are located in a central location, near the check-in counters. In Vienna, for example, you will find the security checkpoints in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. Security Checkpoint A in Düsseldorf Airport is located in the north wing of the airport building. Frankfurt Airport has set up a security checkpoint specifically for families in Terminal 1, Departures Area A. This checkpoint is open all day for them. Munich Airport even has four security checkpoints in Terminal 1 and a central checkpoint in Terminal 2. After the security checkpoint, there is generally a duty-free store. Only after that do they get to the gate.

Special features: Large airports and international flights

As already described, particularly large airports also have different security controls, sometimes for the same terminal or for different gate areas. At Frankfurt Airport, for example, you will find the security checkpoint in Terminal 2 directly at the gate. If they plan to change planes at an airport, security checkpoints may also be waiting for them. This is often the case with international flights such as Vienna – Tokyo or Berlin – Singapore.

Security check at the airport
Properly prepared, they master the security check at the airport quite relaxed.

What you should watch out for

Check-in times vary from airline to airline! Therefore, it is advisable to check in well in advance of your departure time. Also include the train or cab ride to the airport. There may be traffic jams on the roads or delays.
Pay attention to the information provided on airline websites. Your airline may require you to check in online and print your boarding pass, otherwise you could be charged for this at the airport.

What is not allowed in carry-on luggage?

Depending on the region and airline, there may be different regulations on this, sometimes differing only in no details. Individual containers (transparent plastic bags) for liquids may usually only hold 100 milliliters. Special foods, medicines and duty-free items are exempt from this regulation. However, there are some airports where there are no liquid restrictions and therefore they do not have to unpack the liquids at the checkpoint. It is best to find out in advance about the restrictions at the airport in question.

When carrying powerbanks, 100 watt-hours is usually considered the general limit up to which there are no problems. According to IATA, batteries can also be carried up to this capacity limit. But even this value can be enforced differently depending on the airline. You are also only allowed to take powerbanks in your hand luggage.

While there are no restrictions on solid cosmetics, they must follow the regulation for liquids.

You are also only allowed to take one box of matches and one lighter per person.
Sharp objects are valued differently in almost all places worldwide. Therefore, play it safe and simply pack your small scissors and pocket knife in the luggage you check.

Explosive, flammable, chemical or toxic substances are strictly prohibited in the cabin and hold of an aircraft, as are fuel, fireworks, sparklers, emergency flares and dummy pistols, flammable liquids and much more.

Good preparation makes departure easier

It is important to pack your hand luggage correctly in advance. Stow your electronic devices, (smartphone, tablet) in a separate compartment so that it is easy to get them out. If they already make sure when packing to stow liquids and electronic devices, so that they are easy to take out, they have it easier later at the airport!