Parking and overnight stay at the airport Frankfurt.

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EASY PARK & FLY Parking at the airport Frankfurt

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Sparparker Open Air Car Park Frankfurt

Not required to hand over car keys. Charging facility for electric vehicles.

Free, individually booked transfer to and from the airport between 06:00 and 22:00. Transfer time: approx. 10 minutes.

from 80,00€

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ParKing Open Air Car Park Frankfurt

In some cases the car key must be handed over. High security standards.

Free, individually booked transfer to and from the airport between 06:00 and 24:00. Transfer time: approx. 7 minutes.

from 85,00€

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Parken Frankfurt Open Air Car Park Frankfurt

Not required to hand over car keys. Comfortable transfer to the airport.

Free, individually booked transfer to and from the airport between 05:00 and 23:00. Transfer time: approx. 11 minutes.

from 85,99€

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EASY PARK & FLY Hotel offers at the airport Frankfurt

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Price (1 night incl. 15 days parking)
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IntercityHotel Frankfurt Airport

Das Frühstück ist online hinzubuchbar. Der Shuttle-Transfer benötigt nur ca. 10 Minuten zum Flughafen.

from 152,00€

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Hey Lou Hotel Frankfurt Airport (ehem. Styles Hotel)

Das Auto steht während des Urlaubs im hoteleigenen Parkhaus. Ein Frühstücksbuffet ist vor Ort hinzubuchbar.

from 169,95€

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Hey Lou Hotel Frankfurt Airport (ehem. Styles Hotel) Superior Zimmer

Die Superior-Zimmer bieten eine ruhige Lage in den oberen Etagen. Zudem gibt es eine kostenfreie Wasserflasche.

from 184,95€

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Your EASY PARK & FLY advantages at the airport

Guaranteed, secure parking space within sight of the airport

including 24 hour transfer from the car park to the airport, free of charge!

Free rebooking and cancellation up to 24 hours before arrival

Insured luggage on all transfers

This is how easy it is to book your parking space at the airport in Frankfurt

Parking & staying overnight at the airport is so easy today: With EASY PARK & FLY you can find your parking space at the airport in Frankfurt. Simply book cheaply online and enjoy the comforting feeling of having everything taken care of. Looking for an overnight stay at the airport? With EASY PARK & FLY, it’s just a few clicks away

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Can I book an overnight stay and a parking space at the airport in Frankfurt for the duration of my flight?

Yes, you can. Simply book your parking space and overnight stay at the airport online at EASY PARK & FLY. It’s convenient and secure

If I park at the airport in Frankfurt, will I be taken to the terminal with my luggage and family?

Yes, the shuttle service will take you to the airport terminal with your luggage. After your return, the shuttle service will bring you back to your car, even if your flight is delayed.

I am traveling by car, can I park at Frankfurt Airport?

Yes, you can. Simply book your ticket online via EASY PARK & FLY. This way you can be sure that a parking space is reserved for you at the airport.

If I park at Frankfurt Airport, can I get to my car around the clock?

Yes, the transfer between the parking lot and the airport terminal operates 24/7. As long as aircraft are landing and taking off, the shuttle will take you from the parking lot to the terminal and back again. By the way, even if your arrival is delayed.

Parking and overnight stay at Frankfurt Airport

Air travelers book parking in advance online

Starting your vacation as relaxed and stress-free as possible is not that easy. A lot can go wrong around the journey to Frankfurt Airport, Germany’s largest commercial airport: Those who rely on public transport are often confronted with delays and overcrowded means of transport. Those who make their way to Frankfurt Airport by car have to plan for traffic jams or even breakdowns. Reaching the flight on time and relaxed becomes a challenge. In addition, the car journey also raises the question of how parking at Frankfurt Airport actually works. The answer is simple: With easy park & fly, air travelers can book their parking space near the airport online in advance. And it’s even easier: Travelers combine parking and an overnight stay at Frankfurt Airport with an arrival the evening before departure, and start the next morning well-rested and headed for the terminal. And they know their vehicle is in a safe place.

Hotel accommodation makes the start of the trip easier

Good planning is therefore essential to prevent travel plans from being disrupted by traffic jams, breakdowns or accidents. After all, a missed flight not only causes a lot of stress and hassle, but can also be really expensive if new tickets have to be purchased. Regardless of unforeseen events, the size of the Rhine-Main Airport should not be underestimated: Anyone flying out of Frankfurt Airport for the first time is grateful for every minute left for orientation. An overnight hotel stay before departure from Europe’s fourth-largest airport therefore makes the start of the journey easier. At easy park & fly, customers can reserve their parking space at Frankfurt Airport together with an overnight stay at hotels such as the NH Frankfurt Airport West or the Mercure Hotel Frankfurt Neu-Isenburg. Once the vehicle is parked in the booked parking space or in the parking garage, travelers check in at the hotel. Rested and stress-free, the shuttle service takes them to Frankfurt Airport the next morning. The transfer to the airport is always included with easy park & fly – regardless of whether a parking space including hotel accommodation or exclusively a parking space is booked.

Departure at Frankfurt Airport
Departure from Frankfurt Airport is much more relaxed after an overnight stay in a nearby hotel than if you travel directly to the airport.

Parking at Frankfurt Airport is safe

Travelers can set off with peace of mind, because parking at Frankfurt Airport is safe with easy park & fly: all parking spaces are subject to close inspection. Everywhere it is guaranteed that the vehicle is in good hands, no matter how long the absence lasts. Regardless of whether a parking space at Frankfurt Airport is booked with or without an overnight stay in a hotel, there is a choice of different parking options: Available are parking spaces with as well as without roofing. In addition, travelers decide when booking whether they want to park their car themselves or leave it in the hands of reliable employees of the booked parking lot via valet parking. Parking at Frankfurt Airport is therefore as diverse as the demands of air travelers are different. Easy park & fly makes it possible for all variants to book parking at Frankfurt Airport quickly and easily online before departure – with or without an overnight hotel stay.

From Rebstock to World-Class: The Success Story of Frankfurt Airport!

Frankfurt Airport, also known as Frankfurt Airport (FRA), is not only Germany’s largest airport but also one of the most important international aviation hubs. Its history dates back to the early days of civil aviation.

Officially opened in 1936, the airport’s origins trace back to 1930 when the German Reich planned an air mail center in Frankfurt am Main. The original airport, named “Rebstock,” was located west of the city center and initially served primarily for airmail transport. Over the years, the airport underwent expansions and modernizations to meet the increasing demands of air travel.

During World War II, the airport suffered significant damage and was temporarily occupied by the Allies in the post-war years. However, in the 1950s, the reconstruction began, and Frankfurt rapidly evolved into a significant international airport. The commissioning of the Northwest Runway in 1984 allowed the airport to accommodate large long-haul aircraft.

Today, Frankfurt Airport plays a central role in the global aviation system. It serves as a hub not only for the German airline Lufthansa but also for numerous international carriers. With modern terminals, excellent infrastructure, and an impressive number of flight connections, Frankfurt Airport is a crucial nexus for business travel, tourism, and cargo transport.

What is actually behind the abbreviation FRA?

Airport abbreviations usually consist of three letters to ensure standardized identification for airports worldwide. This system was developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and is known as the IATA airport code. The use of three letters allows for a large number of combinations, which is important to uniquely identify the multitude of airports worldwide.

Signpost to FRA - Frankfurt Airport
The IATA airport code FRA stands for Frankfurt Airport worldwide.

The abbreviations are often based on the name of the airport or the city in which it is located. However, there are also exceptions where the letters are randomly assigned or have arisen for historical reasons.

The abbreviation “FRA” for Frankfurt Airport dates back to the time when the IATA began to introduce standardized airport abbreviations. At that time, Frankfurt Airport was known as “Rhein-Main-Flughafen”. The “F” stands for Frankfurt, while “RA” is the abbreviation for Rhein-Main Airport.

In any case, the IATA airport codes greatly facilitate the communication and identification of airports in flight schedules, tickets, baggage handling and other aviation-related processes.

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