Questions & Answers

I am looking for a parking space and would like to know what a parking ticket at the airport costs?

The price of your parking space at the airport varies. It is more expensive during the peak season and when there is a higher demand. You can save money if you book earlier.

I am looking for a parking place at the airport, where can I find it?

To save you the hassle of searching for a parking space, it is best to book your parking space online at Easy Park & Fly. There your car will be safely parked in a fenced and lighted parking lot.

Can I park for free at the airport?

Only very rarely. Moreover, these free parking lots are often affected by vandalism and theft. Easy Park & Fly offers you a secure parking space at a fair price. By the way, your car will not be towed away.

I am traveling by car, can I avoid parking at the airport?

Yes, you can. At almost all airports today there are secure parking lots with a shuttle service that takes you from the parking lot to the terminal around the clock and then brings you back to your car.

I am not flying alone, does the shuttle take my fellow passengers to the car or do I have to pick them up at the terminal?

No, the shuttle will take all your fellow passengers and your luggage. This applies to the outward journey as well as to the return journey.

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