Parking and overnight stay at the airport Dusseldorf.

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EASY PARK & FLY Parking at the airport Dusseldorf

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Price (8 days)
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Primus Parken Open Air Car Park Düsseldorf (keep your car keys)

Not required to hand over car keys. High security standards.

Free transfers to and from the airport included between 03:00 and 24:00. Transfer time: approx. 13 minutes.

from 75,00€

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Parking Düsseldorf Open Air Car Park Valet

Required to hand over car keys. Drop off car at the terminal.

No transfer needed - your car will be dropped off at the airport departure terminal between and .

from 79,00€

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XParken Open Air Car Park Valet Airport Düsseldorf

Required to hand over car keys. Drop off car at the terminal.

No transfer needed - your car will be dropped off at the airport departure terminal.

from 95,00€

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EASY PARK & FLY Hotel offers at the airport Dusseldorf

Top hotel provider
Price (1 night incl. 15 days parking)
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Mercure Hotel Düsseldorf-Ratingen

Das Frühstücksbuffet ist vor Ort hinzubuchbar.

from 102,00€

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Precise House Düsseldorf Airport

Bequemer Transfer zum Flughafen. Das Frühstück ist online hinzubuchbar.

from 170,00€

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Holiday Inn Express Düsseldorf City Nord

Perfekter Start in den Urlaub. Das leckere Frühstücksbuffet ist inklusive.

from 170,00€

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Your EASY PARK & FLY advantages at the airport

Guaranteed, secure parking space within sight of the airport

including 24 hour transfer from the car park to the airport, free of charge!

Free rebooking and cancellation up to 24 hours before arrival

Insured luggage on all transfers

This is how easy it is to book your parking space at the airport in Düsseldorf

Parking & staying overnight at the airport is so easy today: With EASY PARK & FLY you can find your parking space at the airport in Düsseldorf. Simply book cheap online and enjoy the comforting feeling of having everything taken care of. Looking for an overnight stay at the airport? With EASY PARK & FLY, it’s just a few clicks away

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Can I book an overnight stay and a parking space at the airport in Düsseldorf for the duration of my flight?

Yes, you can. Simply book your parking space and overnight stay at the airport online at EASY PARK & FLY. It’s convenient and secure

If I park at the airport in Düsseldorf parking, will I be taken to the terminal with my luggage and family?

Yes, the shuttle service will take you to the airport terminal with your luggage. After your return, the shuttle service will bring you back to your car, even if your flight is delayed.

I travel by car, can I park at the airport? Düsseldorf park at the airport?

Yes, you can. Simply book your ticket online via EASY PARK & FLY. This way you can be sure that a parking space is reserved for you at the airport.

If I park at the airport Düsseldorf can I get to my car around the clock?

Yes, the transfer between the parking lot and the airport terminal operates 24/7. As long as aircraft are landing and taking off, the shuttle will take you from the parking lot to the terminal and back again. This also applies if your arrival is delayed.

Parking at Düsseldorf Airport

Parking service allows additional comfort

As the most important airport in NRW, Düsseldorf Airport is the starting point and destination for many business trips and family vacations. In view of full trains with potentially high cancellation and delay rates, the car remains the means of choice for many to get to Düsseldorf Airport. Especially when traveling with children and a lot of luggage, it offers the greatest possible flexibility. Nevertheless, good planning is necessary: With high passenger volumes, hectic, hustle and bustle and a high volume of traffic around the airport are pre-programmed. To ensure that the search does not turn parking at Düsseldorf Airport into a stress factor, easy park & fly provides convenience with its parking service: simply select a parking space online in advance, park in a relaxed manner and have yourself brought directly to the terminal with your fellow passengers and luggage via a free shuttle service. Local knowledge is not necessary in this case. Booking a parking space in advance in a parking garage or parking lot also ensures lower prices.

Overnight stay in a hotel takes the pressure off

But even the journey to Düsseldorf Airport by car is often not without delays. If longer traffic jams occur or there is a breakdown, the uncertainty grows: Will I reach my flight? What happens if the plane has already left? How much do new tickets cost? When is the next alternative flight? This travel fever of the stressful kind can be avoided: An overnight stay in a hotel the day before departure takes the pressure off. At easy park & fly, you simply book your parking space together with an overnight stay at a hotel, e.g. the Mercure Hotel Düsseldorf-Ratingen, the Mercure Hotel Düsseldorf Airport or the Lindner Congress Hotel Düsseldorf. The next day, you can easily reach your terminal at Düsseldorf Airport by shuttle, while your car is already parked in the parking lot or parking garage. Missing your flight is thus almost impossible and a stress-free start to your vacation is guaranteed!

The tower of Düsseldorf Airport
By booking a parking space in good time, you lay the foundation for a relaxed flight.

Large selection of secure parking spaces at Düsseldorf Airport

This carefree attitude at the start of the trip is permanent – at least as far as the car is concerned. Because if you book a parking space at Düsseldorf Airport with or without hotel accommodation in advance with easy park & fly, you can be sure that your vehicle will be well accommodated – regardless of whether your trip lasts 8 or 14 days. There is a wide choice of tested and secure parking spaces: both covered and uncovered areas are available. Travelers can park themselves as well as use valet parking: With this parking service, the keys are handed over to an employee of the chosen parking lot, who parks the car for you. Always included is the transfer from the parking lot to the airport or from the airport to the parking lot after the return flight. But no matter what vacationers choose: All parking spaces can be booked quickly and easily online with easy park & fly – making parking at Düsseldorf Airport child’s play!

A look into the history of Düsseldorf Airport

Düsseldorf Airport, also known as Düsseldorf International Airport, is one of the largest and busiest airports in Germany. It was opened in 1927 and has since experienced a long history of development and growth.

In its early years, the airport mainly served mail and passenger flights. The airport was severely damaged during World War II and had to be rebuilt after the war. In the 1950s, the airport was modernized and expanded to accommodate the growing demand for air traffic.

In the 1970s, the airport experienced another surge of growth and development. A new runway was built to handle larger aircraft and more air traffic. In the 1980s, a new terminal was opened and other expansions were made to increase the airport’s capacity.

In the 1990s, the airport continued its development and became a major international airport. New flight connections were introduced and the airport received a new terminal structure. In the 2000s, the airport was further modernized and improved to handle increasing passenger and cargo traffic.

Today, Düsseldorf Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in Germany. It offers connections to destinations in Europe, North Africa, Asia and North America. The airport is an important economic factor for the region and employs thousands of people.

Overall, Düsseldorf Airport has experienced a rich history of development and growth, spanning nearly a century. Today, it is an important part of national and international air traffic and plays an important role in the economy and lives of people in the region.

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