With immediate effect, easy park & fly is also offering a valet parking service for parking at Hamburg Airport. Travelers can simply hand over their vehicle to the trained staff and start their vacation or business trip relaxed, without having to worry about finding a parking space.

What is Valet Parking?

Valet Parking is a practical service that makes your life at Hamburg Airport much easier.
At the beginning of the valet service, the customer hands over his vehicle directly at the terminal to a member of the parking service staff, who is dressed in clearly recognizable clothing and equipped with an ID card. The employee checks the car for damage and notes the mileage, if necessary. The vehicle is then taken to a reserved and guarded space near the airport.
When the vehicle is returned, the travelers are met again at the same place after landing and the car is handed over again. Here, too, the vehicle is checked together for damage.
Especially in bad weather or when passengers have a lot of luggage, valet parking is a convenient alternative to conventional parking at the airport. It also eliminates the usually tedious search for a parking space.

How exactly does Valet Parking at Hamburg Airport work?

  • The vehicle is picked up and returned in parking garage P4, parking bay “Q”. In order to guarantee an optimal, punctual and smooth procedure, it is requested to announce the arrival time obligatorily 15 minutes before the arrival. There will be no transfer time as the vehicle will be taken over directly at the terminal.
  • Vehicle pick-up at the departure terminal will take place between 04:00 and 24:00. The parking lot where the vehicles are parked is locked, lighted, gated and fenced. Strict quality standards apply and access is restricted to employees only. Regular patrols ensure additional security.
  • On departure, the vehicle is also returned to parking lot P4, parking bay “Q”. To ensure a smooth process, it is requested to call after landing, mentioning the license plate number. After the luggage has been collected, another call should be made so that the driver is ready to hand over the vehicle.
  • Certain size restrictions apply to the use of parking spaces: The maximum height may be 2.00 meters, the maximum width 3.00 meters and the maximum length 5.00 meters. For larger vehicles there is the possibility of a request. Motor homes can be parked for an additional fee, and customers with larger vehicles are asked to register them with customer service.
  • The operation of the parking lot is of course covered by liability insurance in accordance with all legal requirements.

The service is easy to book online via easy park & fly for Hamburg Airport and uncomplicated to use!