Parking and overnight stay at the airport Hamburg.

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EASY PARK & FLY Parking at the airport Hamburg

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Price (8 days)
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CarSafe Multi Storey Car Park Hamburg

Not required to hand over car keys. Comfortable transfer to the airport.

Individually booked transfer to and from the airport included from 06:00 until the last flight arrival. Transfer time: approx. 5 minutes.

from 122,00€

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Fast Parking Valet Open Air Car Park Hamburg

Required to hand over car keys. Drop off car at the terminal.

No transfer needed - your car will be dropped off at the airport departure terminal between 04:00 and 24:00.

from 124,00€

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VOPI Park & Fly Shuttle Parkplatz Norderstedt

Required to hand over car keys. Transfer time: approx. 5 minutes.

Individually booked transfer to and from the airport included between 03:00 and 24:00. Transfer time: approx. 5 minutes.

from 129,00€

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EASY PARK & FLY Hotel offers at the airport Hamburg

Top hotel provider
Price (1 night incl. 15 days parking)
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Holiday Inn Hamburg - City Nord

Satt in den Flieger: Ein reichhaltiges Frühstücksbuffet ist inklusive.

from 191,00€

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Your EASY PARK & FLY advantages at the airport

Guaranteed, secure parking space within sight of the airport

including 24 hour transfer from the car park to the airport, free of charge!

Free rebooking and cancellation up to 24 hours before arrival

Insured luggage on all transfers

This is how easy it is to book your parking space at the airport in Hamburg

Parking & staying overnight at the airport is so easy today: With EASY PARK & FLY you can find your parking space at the airport in Hamburg. Simply book cheaply online and enjoy the comforting feeling of having everything taken care of. Looking for an overnight stay at the airport? With EASY PARK & FLY, it’s just a few clicks away

Find a parking space at the airport now


Can I book an overnight stay and a parking space at the airport in Hamburg for the duration of my flight?

Yes, you can. Simply book your parking and accommodation online at Hamburg Airport with EASY PARK & FLY. It’s convenient and secure.

If I park at the airport in Hamburg, will I be taken to the terminal with my luggage and family?

Yes, the shuttle service will take you with luggage directly to the airport terminal. After your return, the shuttle service will bring you back to your car, even if your flight is delayed.

I am traveling by car, can I park at Hamburg Airport?

Yes, you can. Simply book your ticket online via EASY PARK & FLY. This way you can be sure that a parking space is reserved for you at Hamburg Airport.

If I park at Hamburg Airport, can I get to my car around the clock?

Yes, the transfer between the parking lot and the airport terminal operates 24/7. As long as aircraft are landing and taking off in Hamburg, the shuttle will take you from the parking lot to the terminal and back again. By the way, even if your arrival is delayed.

Park safely at Hamburg Airport

Guaranteed parking space after online booking

The flight is booked, the suitcases are packed, the journey to the departure airport is planned. Only one question remains: Where can travelers park safely at Hamburg Airport? This is a topic that concerns everyone who chooses to drive to Germany’s oldest airport. Reliability is the decisive factor here. After all, parking a vehicle for days or even weeks is a matter of trust. This begins with the search for a suitable parking space. However, the search should not start on the spot at Hamburg Airport, because then time constraints and disorientation are inevitable. Travelers can play it safe by conducting a convenient and targeted search on the Internet. A guaranteed parking space after booking online is one of the quality features for safe parking at Hamburg Airport.

Choose from a range of parking options

At easy park & fly, air travelers departing from Hamburg Airport can choose from a variety of parking options. Online booking proves to be particularly attractive because parking spaces with very short transfer times are offered here. With easy park & fly, the shuttle ride to the terminal is also included – both for the outbound and return flight. All passengers and luggage are also brought to the airport or picked up and brought back to the parking lot or parking garage in this way. Online booking also allows passengers to choose between covered parking spaces and open-air parking areas. In addition, travelers have the choice of parking their vehicle themselves or using valet parking. In this case, they hand over their vehicle key to a member of staff from the parking facility at Hamburg Airport, who takes care of the parking. To ensure that passengers park safely at Hamburg Airport, the parking spaces are also monitored – either by video or by security guards.

Sign at Hamburg airport
In order for air travelers to park safely at Hamburg Airport, an online booking through easy park & fly is helpful.

Overnight stay at the airport relaxes the start of the journey

To make the day of departure as stress-free as possible, it is not only important to book parking at Hamburg Airport in advance. Another factor is equally important: an overnight stay at the airport the night before the flight relaxes the start of the journey. This cushions any delays in getting to the airport by car and ensures that all fellow travelers are well rested for the flight. At easy park & fly, hotel accommodation and parking at Hamburg Airport can be booked as exclusive combined offers. On the booking page, there is a choice between various accommodation options – such as the Ibis Hamburg Airport or the Holiday Inn Hamburg City Nord – and suitable parking spaces. Nothing stands in the way of a relaxed start to the journey, because when vehicles are parked safely at Hamburg Airport, passengers have one less thing to worry about. The greatest possible flexibility also guarantees peace of mind when booking with easy park & fly: rebookings, cancellations or extensions of the parking space are free of charge.

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