Parking and overnight stay at the airport Nuremberg.

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EASY PARK & FLY Parking at the airport Nuremberg

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Price (8 days)
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P4 Multi-Storey Car Park Nuremberg Airport

No need to drop off the key. The Terminal is within walking distance.

Transfer not necessary - the terminal is within walking distance and can be reached in approx. 4 min.

from 102,00€

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EASY PARK & FLY Hotel offers at the airport Nuremberg

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Price (1 night incl. 15 days parking)

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Twoje zalety EASY PARK & FLY na lotnisku

Gwarantowane, bezpieczne miejsce parkingowe w zasięgu wzroku lotniska

w tym całodobowy transfer z parkingu na lotnisko gratis!

Bezpłatna zmiana rezerwacji i anulacja do 24 godzin przed przyjazdem

Ubezpieczony bagaż na wszystkich transferach

This is how easy it is to book your parking space at the airport in Nuremberg

Parking & staying overnight at the airport is so easy today: With EASY PARK & FLY you can find your parking space at the airport in Nuremberg. Simply book cheaply online and enjoy the comforting feeling of having everything taken care of. Looking for an overnight stay at the airport? With EASY PARK & FLY, it’s just a few clicks away

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Can I book an overnight stay and a parking space at the airport in Nuremberg for the duration of my flight?

Yes, you can. Simply book your parking space and overnight stay at the airport online at EASY PARK & FLY. It’s convenient and secure

If I park at the airport in Nuremberg, will I be taken to the terminal with my luggage and family?

Yes, the shuttle service will take you to the airport terminal with your luggage. After your return, the shuttle service will bring you back to your car, even if your flight is delayed.

I am traveling by car, can I park at Nuremberg Airport?

Yes, you can. Simply book your ticket online via EASY PARK & FLY. This way you can be sure that a parking space is reserved for you at the airport.

If I park at Nuremberg Airport, can I get to my car around the clock?

Yes, the transfer between the parking lot and the airport terminal operates 24/7. As long as aircraft are landing and taking off, the shuttle will take you from the parking lot to the terminal and back again. By the way, even if your arrival is delayed.

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