We would like to thank you!

You have been one of our customers at Dresden Airport for almost 15 years now. We and our shuttle and service partners would like to thank you very much for your many years of loyalty, also and especially in the last two years!

We have taken advantage of the somewhat quieter Corona break to significantly expand and visually refresh our service offering for you. You can now book with us germany- and even Europe-wide Your Airport parking book online. No matter whether you fly from Leipzig, Nuremberg, Berlin BER, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf or Stuttgart. We will almost always find a suitable airport parking for you, no matter where your journey begins!

New service offers with EASY PARK & FLY!
For very early flights or late landings, you can book the relaxed combination offers PARK, SLEEP & FLY with us. You stay one night in the chosen hotel at the airport and start your trip the next day well rested. Your vehicle will then be safely parked in the selected hotel parking lot for up to 3 weeks, waiting for you!

If you are traveling to the airport by train or long-distance bus and also want a Hotel at the airport book you can book our special hotel offers for air travelers. Especially at the major airports, you can enjoy such comfort, possibly use the time for a stroll through the city and get in the mood for the upcoming trip

If you are taking long-haul flights with longer stopovers, you can now also book a place in the comfortable Airport Lounges reserve a seat in advance at reasonable prices. Enjoy delicious buffets, interesting magazines and comfortable seats or couches

Brand new Easy parking at cruise port
It goes with you with the ship on a journey? Then you can book a cheap parking space with us for the ports of Hamburg, Kiel, Bremerhaven, Rostock Warnemünde, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and many more! Of course, again with the option of an overnight stay in a hotel