Have you booked a cruise – e.g. on the AIDA – and want to travel comfortably in your own vehicle? Are you looking for a safe and inexpensive parking space close to the terminal so that you can leave in comfort? Then the parking space comparison from easy park & fly is just right for you!

Whether you are setting sail from Hamburg Steinwerder, Rostock Warnemünde or Kiel – finding a parking space at the port is child’s play: simply enter your travel period on the respective page and compare the offers in the overview!

In the parking lot overview you can directly call up prices, information, location and ratings of all parking lots. After selecting the desired parking space, you will be taken directly to the booking page. Whether by direct debit or credit card – the payment process is guaranteed to be secure and convenient. If you have any questions, simply contact an easy park & fly employee – we will be happy to help you!

Parking spaces at the ports of Hamburg, Kiel and Warnemünde

Reduce the stress of your journey and book your parking space in good time!

As excited as you may be about your upcoming cruise, if you haven’t yet reserved a parking space for your cruise, you should do so as soon as possible!

There are usually not enough parking spaces directly at the port terminal for all passengers on the large cruise ships such as AIDA, Mein Schiff, MSC Preziosa or MSC Euribia. We often receive individual inquiries shortly before the cruises – but unfortunately, fully booked is fully booked.

An early reservation has only advantages – because if you arrive with your own vehicle, the search for a parking space will be on your preparation list sooner or later anyway. Who has the nerves for a spontaneous search for a parking space in the middle of Hamburg, Kiel or Warnemünde on the day of departure? Start your vacation the way it should start: relaxed. Take care of this point now and simply tick it off!

If you arrive by car, your luggage will also arrive comfortably at the cruise ship
Whether you are traveling with AIDA, Mein Schiff or MSC Euribia – if you arrive in your own car and reserve a parking space at the port in advance, your cruise can get off to a relaxed start!

Arriving in your own car – unbeatably convenient and independent

It is sometimes recommended to use public transport when traveling to a cruise. However, there are several reasons why you should travel to a cruise in your own car:

  • Flexibility and convenience: with your own car, you have the freedom to choose your own departure time and route. You can take breaks whenever you want and don’t have to follow public transport timetables.
  • Luggage transportation: Cruise luggage can be bulky and heavy. With your own car, you can conveniently bring your luggage directly to the terminal without having to reload or carry it several times.
  • Cost savings: In many cases, traveling by car can be cheaper than train or plane tickets, especially if several people are traveling or if the cruise departs from a port close to your home.
  • Time saving: You save time as you don’t have to change or wait for public transport. You can travel directly from your home to the cruise terminal.
  • Comfort: Your car offers you the comfort and space you are used to. You can take breaks and rest during the journey without having to adapt to the restrictions and lack of space on public transport.
  • Independence: you are not dependent on public transport timetables and possible delays. This gives you more security and control over your travel plans.
  • Additional excursion options: After returning from the cruise, you still have the flexibility to explore the surrounding area or make stopovers on the way back to visit other sights.

These advantages make traveling by car an attractive option for many cruise passengers. With easy park & fly’s parking space comparison, you can also conveniently reserve an inexpensive and secure parking space in advance.